Att anlägga en äng i trädgården.


A small meadow – a smeadow

This summer I plan to write a short version of this website in English. In the meantime, this publication may interest you. An ambitious project at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences surveyed estmated emissions of carbon dioxide, earthworms and some pollinators on golf courses and various grass areas in Uppsala, Gothenburg and Malmö. Here we get science behind the slogan to build a meadow in the garden can be seen as climate activism. My driving force has been the joy of color and form, to see flowers grow and teach me our most common flowers. But, nice that Smängen also does good for the whole. Click below to see a PDF of the report.

Maria Ignatieva. Manual.  Lawn alternatives in Sweden – From theory to practice.  ISBN (Electronic) 978-91-85735-39-6 ISBN. (Printed) 978-91-85735-40-2.

Ängfullness med en egen blomsteräng